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                                     Locking Silicone Trainer Gag
                                     Saddle up! With this Locking Trainer Gag made from silicone. This gag
                                     is perfect for those into pony play. This gag has a chin strap for extra
                                     support as well as straps that go behind and over the head. There are
                                     two locking buckles in the back to make sure your little pony does not
                                     run off. Locks are not included with gag.

                                Silicone Bit Gag
             Keep your slave quiet with this gag. These gags are usually used
             during pony play – but serve as a regular gag just as well. While some
             gags are not comfortable enough for everyone – this sleek bit gag is a
             delight to wear. Since the gag is made from silicone it has no odor or

                         Whitehead Mouth Gag
          This medical device is used by dentists and oral
          surgeons to keep patients from closing their
          mouths during examinations and surgeries.
          Made of high quality polished stainless steel.
          The whitehead mouth gag locks in behind the
          teeth and spreads the mouth wide. This design
          utilizes two ratchets and presents a truly fearsome
          appearance! It measures approximately 5.5
          “ across, opens to 2.5 “ wide- and is made of
          stainless steel.                     $60

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