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Premium Fur Lined Collar

                                       This collar is the ultimate blend of comfort and durability. It
                                       is fundamentally a wide strap of thick leather lined with two
                                       layers of ultra soft faux fur. It is wrapped with a 1 inch wide
                                       leather strap. The lockable buckle on the strap is compatible
                                       with any small padlock. With the fur included – this collar
                                       is an impressive 2 3/8 inches wide. Nine sizing slots ensure
                                       a comfortable fit. Measurement – Small/Medium fits neck
                                       sizes from 13 to 19 inches around – Large/Extra Large fits
                                       neck sizes from 20 to 26 inches around. Material Leather –
                                       Faux Fur & Metal.
                                       $100 Your Choice of Size in small/medium, or medium/large

                                                      Premium Fur Lined Cuffs-Ankle and/or Wrists

                                                      Plush faux fur lines the bottom of these cuffs that are the ultimate blend of
                                                      comfort and durability. The cuff is durable and has a D-ring for attachment to
                                                      other bondage gear. A 2 inch wide Leather strap is lined with two layers of an
                                                      ultra soft fur. The 1 inch wide lockable top strap provides extra strength and
                                                      durability. Six sizing slots ensure a tight fit. Ankle cuffs are sized from 7.5-12
                                                      inches. Wrist cuffs are sized from 5.5-9 inches
                                                      $99 Each Set (Choose Between Ankle or Wrist Set)

                                                           Arm Binder

                                                           Trap your submissives arms behind their back, while you have your
                                                           way with them. Horizontal strap measures 9 inches across. Vertical
                                                           strap is 8 inches. Bicep straps adjust from 9.5 to 15.75 inches in
                                                           circumference. Forearms strap measures 17.5 inches in maximum
                                                           length, adjusting from 9.5 to 14.25 inches in circumference, with a
                                                           width of 6.5 inches.

                                                            Arms to Chest Belt

                                                            Keep your subs arms in place with this Strict Leather Arms to Chest
                                                            Restraint Belt. Once put on – the belt will go around their chest and
                                                            back – inside is padded for extra comfort – with cuffs on the side and
                                                            in front of chest. Bicep binders are 17.5 inches in length.Wrist cuffs
                                                            are 11 inches in length.Belt measures 46 inches in total length. Locks
                                                            Sold Separately.

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