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Restraints & Collars

                                  Leather Neck to Wrist Restraint

                                  These fun bondage devices connect a collar to a set of cuffs using a leather strap. Wrists can be cuffed
                                  in the front or in back of the body. Cuffs – collar – and connector strap are all adjustable for a perfect fit
                                  and the wrists can be positioned higher or lower to suit your tastes. Available in two styles – the quick
                                  and easy to use Buckling version – and the Padlocking version for a more serious kind of bondage.
                                  Both Styles Made Of All Black Leather.Collar fits necks 14-20 inches in circumference. Wrist cuffs are
                                  designed to fit all sizes. Lock comes seperate.

                                                 Men’s Leather Torso Harness

             This highly adjustable body harness features 8 buckles – 4 O-Rings – and a built-in cock
             ring. It wraps your torso in 1.5” wide leather straps. This bold and masculine style gives
             you a fit that is snug – sensual – and exciting. The cock ring that ships with this harness
             is a very large 2.5” ring – which allows plenty of room for a comfortable fit. The cock ring
             attaches with snaps – which will allow it to be removed and changed for another size or
             style according to your tastes. Small/Medium Chest 36” – 40” – Waist 28” – 34” Large/
             XLarge Chest 42” – 48” – Waist 36” – 42”
                         $260 Your Choice of Size in Small/Medium, or Large/XLarge

                                           Women’s Buckle Up Leather Harness
                                           Designed to fit and highlight the female form – this leather harness is functional and
                                           very sexy. Made of a series of 3/4” wide sturdy leather straps – o-rings and buckles
                                           – this harness exposes the breasts and genital areas – then connects in the back
                                           in a one-strap – g-string style. The web of leather straps and nickel o-rings provide
                                           numerous possibilities for bondage scenarios.
                                           Small (waist 24”-30”; chest 26” -35”; shoulder to crotch 26”029”)
                                           Medium (waist 26”-33”; chest 29”-38”; shoulder to crotch 30”-33”)
                                           Large (waist 29”-35”; chest 35”-45”; shoulder to crotch 31”-34”)

                                           $300 Your Choice of Size in Small, Med, or Large

                                                                                  Posture Bar

                                 This restraint device is made of a metal bar with a leather collar riveted to one
                                 end and two leather wrist cuffs attached to the other end. Wrists can be cuffed
                                 in front of the torso or behind the back. The bar also has an adjustable length
                                 – and the collar and cuffs are adjustable to fit most.adjustable in length – The
                                 cuff pieces are 13” long and the neck is 19” long.
                                                      $140 Your Choice of Color in Black or Silver

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