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Braided Flogger
                                                     This flogger features 30 tails with 20 additional
                                                     tails riveted onto the original tails and braided
                                                     together to make the sensation a heavier impact.
                                                     This makes the flogger a total of 50 tails. This
                                                     gorgeous flogger has a very thuddy impact. 4
                                                     week turn around time from time of order for delivery
                                                     custom made upon order.
                                                     •   Italian Leather with heavy suede
                                                     •   Handle is wrapped with pure Kangaroo leather for endurance and long-
                                                         lasting use
                                                     •   Jewelry on the handle end signifies a lifetime guarantee
                                                     $220 Your choice of design in Black/Black, Black/Blue, Black/
                                                     Purple, Black/Red, or Black/Fuchsia

                                                                     All Items On These Pages (4 & 5) Are Custom
                                                                     Made And Include A 4 Week To Ship Time.
                                                    Cat Tails
                                                    A light impact toy.  This toy is built for light impact play on the pink parts of
                                                    either a male or female. It also may be used as a decoration for your key chain or
                                                    •   Italian leather
                                                    •   About 15” long with silver spring ring hardware ends. Ring on the end of the
                                                       cat tail has a spring clip for attaching to belt loops, handbags, or keychains.
                                                    $45 Your choice of color in Black, Brown, Red, Orange, Light Blue,
                                                    Dark Blue, Green, or Grey

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