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Floggers, Whips, Dragontails and Crops

                                                             Laminated Wooden Handle Premium Flogger
                                                          Top grain leather flogger. Falls are 18 “ long and choice of fall width.
                                                          Finished with a rainbow laminated handle that has a great grip for
                                                          comfort. This is a custom order piece and has a three week ship time.
                                                           $240 Your choice of color: Rainbow, Grey, Neon Green,
                                                           Purple/Grey, Purple Heart, Red/Grey, or Teal (
                                                           (Check our website for images of all designs).
                                                           Also your choice of fall cut in 1/4”, 1/2”, 3/4” or Random (a
                                                           combination of all 3 cuts)

                                                                        The Bastards

                                                                        Over 5 foot long floggers! Each flogger has
                                                                        80 half inch falls measuring 45” long of 7oz
                                                                        & 9oz black bullhide leather! Price is per
                                                                        flogger. Custom made per order. This item has
                                                                        a 4 week shipment time. Picture courtesy of
                                                                        Goddess Phoenix.

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